Meet the Tireboots Family

Charlie Tunk Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer: Charlie has held professional status in the construction industry for 37 years. He is a father of four, with a passion for exceptional customer service. He started Tireboots by Universal Canvas in 2003 with hopes of solving a problem that he noticed many construction sites had-damaged floors due to improper equipment handling. The best solution for this problem: made to fit diapers and tireboots that have more sizes than any other company out there, all with competitive prices and a price match guarantee. 

Lindsey Tunk Regional Manager: As a mother of three, Lindsey found her way to Tireboots by Universal Canvas through the desire to be a part of something big- Universal Canvas big. Through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the customer centered objectives of Tireboots by Universal Canvas, Lindsey provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper systems in place to effectively grow our organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. 

Asia Lewandowski Senior Business Development Manager: With experiencing Universal Canvas in it’s beginning stages as a young child and watching it grow out of three expanding warehouses since, Asia’s desire to watch the company surge grew just as she did. After graduating from Western Michigan University, her passion for keeping our customer satisfaction at her fingertips and consistently increasing clientele has led to her managing our promotional opportunities, social media networks, weekly email newsletters, and more.

Vicki Tunk Senior Outside Sales Representative: Vicki’s gifted communication skills are how she naturally became the head of our team for face to face interactions with potential and existing customers. As a mother of four, she provides a professional, yet relatable customer service experience and can be considered the personal brand of Tireboots by Universal Canvas. 

Mathew Ferro Graphic Design Artist: Among Matt’s many talents, he specializes in digital and traditional artwork. He teamed up with Universal Canvas in 2004 and has been our exclusive graphic design artist since. You can find his work on our social media, catalog, website, and business cards.